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Welcome to the Monkey vs Owl Community where we invite you to join us on our journey changing Student lives all over the country. Be sure to check back for regular updates! #MOVO


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5 Tips To Prepare Yourself For Life After Lockdown

COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways and we are treading new ground each day when it comes to both our professional and personal lives. Now with the end...

Monkey vs Owl has grown up….

But don’t worry, it’s a good thing! We started Monkey vs Owl with a dream of making the lives of Student property Landlords and Students looking for properties less painful...

Monkey vs Owl… an Introduction

Monkey vs Owl… a strange name at first glance but it means so much – allow me to explain. You see before Monkey vs Owl students used to arrive at...

When I Was At Uni… By John Jarrett

For me university was another step forward in finding myself. I know that you’re supposed to already know what you wanted to do in life by this time, but I...

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